Joyce McMillan: The GIFT Festival in Tbilisi is a triumph of the creative spirit

2016, Scotsman


And finally, there was a chance to glimpse an open rehearsal of the great Russian director Dmitry Krymov’s version of Lermontov’s The Demon, a story set in Tbilisi about a dark demon of death who falls in love with a maiden so good and beautiful that her influence transforms him, and the world. Krymov’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream won huge plaudits at the Edinburgh International Festival of 2012; and here, using his unique method of working with a team of design students and young performers, Krymov uses the story of The Demon to create an unforgettable series of reflections on the recent history of Russian and Georgian culture, with one hugely powerful sequence showing a Stalin-era KGB man stamping out and destroying as much of Georgia’s glorious cultural heritage as he can reach.

It’s difficult to overstate the emotional impact of watching this show in Tbilisi’s old town, in the beautiful galleried space of the old Caravanserai museum there; of seeing a Russian company come to Georgia, and use the power of theatre to acknowledge so much of the pain of the last 100 years of history. 

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Joyce McMillan, Scotsman, 30.11.2016



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