Late Love Warms Hearts of Georgian Audience. Eka Karsaulidze


 Late Love Warms Hearts of Georgian Audience

The Georgian International Festival of Art (GIFT) continues in Tbilisi with new and original productions pleasing the crowds. One of the Festival’s most welcome guests was director Dmitry Krymov with his theater group, who left a big impression on the Georgian public last year. This year they presented the premiere of Alexander Ostrovsky’s play Late Love.
This new play is significantly different from all of Krymov’s previous works. Now he focuses on the words and, from the stage, delivers almost the original text of Ostrovsky’s work. After a successful showing of all four of Krymov’s play at the last GIFT, he promised Keti Dolidze, the festival founder and Artistic Director of the Mikhail Tumanishvili Film Actors’ Theatre, to present his new work at her festival. This promise was honored as, one month after the premiere in Moscow, O-i, Late Lovewas staged in Tbilisi.
O-i, Late Love is a story about typical Russian 19th century’s society, but these characters existed not only in Ostrovsky’s times, but in many ways live on in the present day. The play is extremely funny, but also very tragic. “In fact the play is very ruthless; we talk about our people very critical, saying terrible things in grotesque form. So I was pleasantly surprised that the Georgian audience could properly grasp this tragedy. It is a great pleasure to play for such an intelligent audience” said Alexander Kuznetsov, an actor in the play.
The audience and its response are the main indicator of the play’s success. “The public must be open, curious, friendly and critical - you have all these. In Georgia there are very good viewers who understand all the subtleties, where you can laugh, and where not, you can analyze what is happening and forgive the actors if something goes wrong” said Krymov.
Dmitry Krymov has always stood out among directors with his original approach; it can be seen in all of his works. Inter alia, this time he entrusted the performance to his students – almost all of the acting troupe of O-i, Late Love is composed of 4th year students of the directing faculty of GITIS Russian Academy of Theatre Arts.
Students had a difficult task not only to tell the tragicomic story about Russia, but some of the actors had to portray unusual images of the opposite sex, not a new technique in Krymov’s works. Last year, in his play Opus №7, the role of Dmitri Shostakovich was played by a girl. Dmitry Krymov explains that there is no subtext or hidden meaning; it’s just the theater – a place of transformation.
“It was a very interesting and beautiful performance, where everything was in harmony. It’s amazing how with minimal scenery and the absence of bright colors, you can get a holistic performance. I enjoyed everything – monologues, feed, story. Especially, I liked how actors contact with the audience. You are not just sitting and watching, actors reminded us all the time that we are part of the action; it’s an incredible feeling. And it was the right move, because this story is about all of us. This is a must-see show, no doubts” said Yana Dedalamazishvili after viewing the performance.
By Eka Karsaulidze,, 31.10.2014



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