In the dense layers of atmosphere. Andrei Arkhangelsky

2017, Ogonyok by Kommersant

Krymov turned "Without a Dowry" into a novella about Russian space: the main character here is the view of the river from the window - motionless and, as they say in old books, majestic. Perhaps, it this view that causes the irrational anguish. And the river - Paratov, we will remind, comes precisely on water, on the ship - serves as a unique breach in this stillness. And the only hope. The passion of Larissa Ogudalova to Paratov is connected with a subconscious hope to escape from the closed little world: the main thing is - away, and the river will "carry out" somewhere. Does not carry this time. But the theater of Krymov is no longer a theater, but an open door.

Russian text: Andrei Arkhangelsky, Ogonyok

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