Dmitry Krymov’s master class as part of the "Territory" contemporary art festival. 
Premiere of “Demon. View From Above.” as part of the "Territory" contemporary art festival. 
October 2006
“Demon. View From Above” takes part in the Theatrical Spiderweb festival (online festival).
10.11.2006 — 03.12.2006
“Not-Yet-Fairy-Tales” and “Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot” take part in the Festival of Central and Eastern European Arts in London.
Dmitry Krymov awarded the Stanislavsky Prize, in the Innovation/Experiment category: “For the search for new means of theatrical expression” (for “Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot”).
December 2006
“Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot” takes part in the Midwinter Night’s Dream Festival” in Tallinn, Estonia.
January 2007
Master-class at the Meyerhold Centre. Showing of Blok’s “Puppet Show."
February 2007
Exhibit of models and paintings by students from D. Krymov’s course, at the Meyerhold Centre.
28.03.2007 — 14.04.2007
Golden Mask Festival: “Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot” nominated for the “Innovation/Experiment” award.
“Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot” and “Demon. View from Above" shown as part of Russian Case, and “Auction" shown in the Russian Case Fringe.
June - July 2007
Selection of a new class of designers for D. Krymov and Evgeniy Kamenkovich’s joint course in the directing faculty at RATI-GITIS.
“Auction" takes place in the Raduga Festival in St. Petersburg. The show received an award “for surprising creative discoveries in search of a new theatre."
Dmitry Krymov receives the Crystal Turandot. Awarded for Best Direction (for the show “Demon. View from Above.”
June - July 2007
The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory presents the Russian pavilion at the foremost international exhibition of architecture and scenography, the Prague Quadrennial.
The Russian pavilion receives the Golden Triga – the exhibition’s "grand prix.” Such success had not been enjoyed by Russian participants for almost 30 years.
The following took part in the creation and design of the exhibit: Dmitry Krymov, Maria Tregubova, Vera Martynova, Etel Ioshpa, Elizaveta Dzutseva, Anna Kartseva (Perezhogina), Alexandra Osipova, Mariya Volskaya, Konstantin Terentyev, Leonid Shulyakov, Aleksandr Nazarov.
Each country is given a space of about thirty square meters, maybe a bit larger. This is what we came up with. The pavilion is made up of two rooms in a tenement, the apartments of which were of course later turned into communal apartments. The partition between rooms is broken. On the ceiling are two plasterwork patterns with a beam in between them. Two sockets where chandeliers once hung. It’s raining. The ceiling is leaking. Water is dripping from the ceiling into massive, many-colored bottles. We bought them at Izmailovsky – we were awfully pleased! And at the entrance, we put size 50 galoshes and umbrellas. Visitors put on the galoshes, took umbrellas, walked around the pavilion, and looked at models by our most famous designers – Borovsky, Sheintsis, Barkhin, Orlov – for Chekhov’s plays. And on the walls were 12 switches, and across each one written: Borovsky, Sheintsis, and so on. You could turn on a light over any of the models. There were 12 of them, and they stood on special stands, made from pieces of old furniture, from books, from old china. It’s as though they were put up on relics of Soviet communal life. 
Dmitry Krymov
August — September 2007
“Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot” on tour in the US. 
20.08.2007 — 22.08.2007
“Auction" takes part in the Helsinki International Theatre Festival, in Helsinki, Finland.




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