1 September:
Russian director Dmitry Krymov and his show, “Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It),” based on Shakespeare’s play, was awarded the Bank of Scotland Herald Angel by the Edinburgh International Festival of Performing Arts.
24 September, 2012:
Maria Tregubova was awarded the 2012 Crystal Turandot. Shr was awarded a prize for Best Scenography, for the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory’s “Gorki-10.”
17 October, 2012:
Moscow premiere of “Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It).”
22 and 23 November:
"Death of a Giraffe"/"Tod einer Giraffe" at the 2012 Culturescapes Moscau festival, in Basel, Switzerland. Space: KASERNE
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27 and 28 November:
Gorki-10 in Dusseldorf, Germany Space: Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus
4 and 5 December:
Gorki-10 in Berlin, Germany, at the Berliner Festspiele festival, in the RusImport programme. Space: Haus der Berliner Festspiele
RIA-News: The Russian cultural programme RusImport is a collaborative project of the New European Theatre festival and the Berlin Festival, as part of the Year of Russian-German Friendship 2012-2013. RusImport encompasses everything which normally falls into the Experiment category of the Golden Mask. The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory will bring one of their recent premieres – the show “Gorki-10,” a singular collage of the plays of Pushkin, Rozov, Pogodin, Vishnevsky, and Vasiliev’s stories, entitled "The Dawns Here Are Quiet.” Krymov’s theatre is, first of all, visual; the "theatre of artists,” where form takes precedence over the spoken word, whose creators think in pictures and subconscious associations, and where a new, imaginative world is born from whatever materials are at hand.
9-19 January, 2013:
“Opus № 7”in New York. Theatre: St. Ann’s Warehouse
April 2013:
"Gorki-10" as part of the Golden Mask’s Russian Case.
23-27 May, 2013:
"Gorki-10" in Warsaw, as part of the “Da! Da! Da!” project, organized by the Golden Mask festival and the Adam Mitskevich Institute.
1 June – 7 July, 2013.
The exhibition “Rock. Scissors. Paper" takes place in the New Manege. 
Novaya Gazeta: The exhibit “Rock. Scissors. Paper” is a collaborative project between the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory and the Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum. It will take place from 4 June to 7 July, in Moscow’s New Manege. According to the organizers, visitors to the exhibit will see not just models and sketches for shows, but the creative process itself. Artists Maria Tregubova and Vera Martynov created a series of installations especially for the exhibit, dedicated to all the shows premiered by the Laboratory since 2004. 
Program of events as part of the exhibit, “Rock. Scissors. Paper”.
Talkback series with the guest artists of the Chekhov International Theatre Festival
“4 O’Clock with Dmitry Krymov and Marina Davydova” (14, 20, 27 June)
Friday, 14 June, 16:00-18:00
Discussion #1: What is “charlatanism" in art?
Moderator: Marina Davydova, theatre critic, editor-in-chief of “Teatr" magazine
Discussion participants:
Dmitry Krymov, director
Aleksandra Obukhova, art historian, director of the research division of Garage Centre of Contemporary Culture
Maksim Isaev, AXE Russian Engineer's Theatre (St. Petersburg)
Konstantin Bogomolov, director
Leonid Sokov, Igor Shelkovsky
Thursday, 20 June, 16:00–18:00
Discussion #2: Theatre and its borders: where are they located today, and do they even exist at all?
Moderator: Marina Davydova, theatre critic, editor-in-chief of “Teatr" magazine
Discussion participants: 
Dmitry Krymov, director
Joseph Nadge, dancer and choreographer (France)
Adrian Giurgea, director (USA)
Thursday, 27 June, 16:00–18:00
Discussion #3: Theatre education: what and how to teach today’s directors, actors, and designers?
3 July.
As part of the exhibit, “Rock. Scissors. Paper,” a birthday celebration for Anatoly Efros and the presentation of Viktor Berezkin’s book on the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory
Programme of events:
Presentation of Viktor Berezkin’s book, “Dmitry Krymov. Theatre of Artists. A book on the Laboratory.
Publishing programme of the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, together with the ART-MIF Moscow Cultural Centre;
Presentation of the video collection (5 DVDs)
“Anatoly Efros. The Author. Works for television and radio. Bakhrushin series. The lives of remarkable people in our national theatre.
July 2013
Dmitry Krymov – Moscow City Prize for Literature and Art, in the category "Theatrical Art,” for his productions: OPUS №7, GORKI-10, and AS YOU LIKE IT, BASED ON SHAKESPEARE’S MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (2013).

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