18 September - Khitrovka Cultural Centre and the editorial board of "Zamysli" together organized a screening of the legendary show "Not-Yet-Fairy-Tales", the first show created by the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory. As part of the screening, there was a talkback with Dmitry Krymov and the show's creators, a discussion of the concept behind the production, and about the special characteristics of working in the "artist's theatre." 

5-6 October - "In Their Own Words. A. Pushkin's Eugene Onegin" shown in Riga as part of the "Golden Mask in Latvia" festival, in which the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory will be participating for the second time. The show will be performed on the stage of the Dailes Theatre. 
8-12 October - The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory participate for the second time in the "Golden Mask in Estonia" theatre festival, with two of its premieres from the 2015-16 season: "In Their Own Words. A. Pushkin's Eugene Onegin" and "Russian Blues. In Search of Mushrooms."  The shows performed on the stage of the Vaba Lava theatre. Also taking part in "Russian Blues. In Search of Mushrooms" is the outstanding actor Elmo Nüganen, chief director of the Tallinn Linnateatr and one of the most renowned directors in Estonia.
On 12 October, Dmitry Krymov held a class with students of Elmo Nuganen.
On 13 October, Dmitry Krymov opened a retrospective of Anatoly Efros' films as part of the off-programme of the Golden Mask in Estonia festival. The programme curator was Elizaveta Keshisheva.
On 29 October, "Last Date in Venice" takes part in the 12th annual "Season of Stanislavsky International Theatre Festival.
On 1 November, the jury of the Golden Mask festival announced the theatre prize's nominees for the 2015/16 season. "Last Date in Venice" was nominated for the Golden Mask in 5 categories: 
Drama/best director (Dmitry Krymov)
Drama/best actor (Aleksandr Filippenko, Richard)
Drama/best design (Aleksandr Borovksy)
Drama/best costume design (Anna Kostrikova and Aleksandr Borovsky) 
On 20 and 21 November, “Demon. View from above.” will take part in the Georgian International Festival of Arts in Tbilisi (GIFT). For the first time in the ten years of its existence (the premiere took place on 16 October, 2006), the show will leave the walls of the Globus theatre at the School of Dramatic Art.
On 1 December, Dmitry Krymov will speak at the 5th Annual St Petersburg International Cultural Forum.
On 5 and 6 December, “O-i. Late Love.” was be shown at the Youth Theatre on the Fontanka, in St Petersburg as part of the Golden Mask Festival in St Petersburg.
On 23 December, the second children’s show by the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory – “In Their Own Words. N. Gogol, Dead Souls (A story of a Gift)” – had its premiere.
February 2nd Dmitry Krymov speaks at the New Space of Theater of Nations in Moscow with a lecture.
February, 21 - 26  - Opus No. 7 performed at Perth International Arts Festival, at the ABC Perth studio.
On 6 March, "In Their Own Words. A. Pushkin's 'Eugene Onegin'" was honored with a "Hit of the Season" (Gvozd' sezona) prize by the Union of Theatre Workers.
On 17 March, “In Their Own Words. A. Pushkin’s ‘Eugene Onegin’” will be shown as part of the “Golden Mask’s” Children’s Weekend 2017.
On 24 March, Maria Smolnikova was given the Mayor of Moscow’s Award of Gratitude. The awards ceremony took place in the “Manezh” Central Exhibition Hall, during the opening of the 3rd Moscow Cultural Forum.
On 1-2 April  “In Their Own Words. N. Gogol, Dead Souls (A story of a Gift)” takes part in the Russian Case showcase of the “Golden Mask” Festival.
On 16 April "Last Date in Venice" is shown as a part of the "Golden Mask" main program.


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