Theatre Begins with a Stick at Gogol House
18 september 2017

"Bezpridannitsa (Witout a Dowry)"- premiere!

"Bezpridannitsa (Witout a Dowry)"- premiere!
The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory's first of the three planned premieres of the season 2017-2018.
"Bezpridannitsa (Witout a Dowry)"* is created together with producer Leonid Roberman.
Based on A. N. Ostrovsky's "Without a Dowry," the show is a continuation of the vector begun with 2014's "O-i. Late Love." More Ostrovsky, more careful attention to the source text, and an attempt to shake the dust off of a text which everybody already read in school. 
At the story's centre is a sort of 'Russian Carmen.' Except here, she is surrounded not by romantic toreadors and soldiers breaking rank, but with a strictly hierarchical and generally cruel band of "businessmen," with strange, invented names - for example, Mokiy Parmyonich and Kharita Ignatyevna. This allows us to see them as characters in a Russian commedia dell'arte, and to see Ostrovsky himself as the patriarch of a special genre in Russian drama. 
Dmitry Krymov
Premiere: 14-17 September; 10, 13-15 October 2017.
* - "To me, unsmiling lips bring terror, however scarlet; free from error of grammar, Russian language too." (A.S. Pushkin)

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Theatre Begins with a Stick at Gogol House

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