30th Anniversary of School of Dramatic Art
Theatre Begins with a Stick at Gogol House
26 february 2017

The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory's triumphant return to Australia

The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory's triumphant return to Australia
Opus No. 7 is participating in the Perth International Arts Festival.
The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory already took part in this festival with "As You Like It, based on W. Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream'" in 2014, and we are happy to be back. 
The show was performed from 21 through 26 February, 2017 in the studios of ABC Perth. It was the first time that our show was performed in a TV studio!
Also on 21 February, Alina Khodzhevanova made her debut in the show. Congratulations!
On 22 February, we had a Q&A with the audience after the show.
On 24 February, at the University of Western Australia, a panel discussion with Dmitry Krymov, Jonathon Young (Canada), Marwa Al-Sabouni (Syria), and Susan Varga (Australia), moderated by Ruth Little, took place as part of the Perth Writers Festival. The discussion was the best-attended event in the programme.
On 26 February, Dmitry Krymov conducted a master class as part of the Creative Lab special programme at His Majesty's Theatre, where our visit to Australia began three years ago. 
Key qoutes: 
"It is as affecting as any work by Chekhov or Shakespeare, but it hits you like a sucker punch, as your brain scrambles to process the visual experience and piece together the meaning. It is dynamic, epic in scale and utterly fearless, both joyously painful and terribly uplifting."
Dylan James, Australian Stage
 “The brace of arresting, visually exciting one-act pieces from Moscow’s Dmitry Krymov Laboratory that make up Opus No. 7 take famous stories and reimagine them in broad strokes of colour and movement… many wonders in a show that is no picnic. Opus No. 7 is a feast.”
David Zampatti, The West Australian on Opus No. 7
“It is one of the most visually spectacular shows you will see... Opus No 7 shows the power of inventive imagery in expressing moods and ideas.” 
Belle Taylor, Perth Now on Opus No. 7
Never has a theatre set come so alive with character and meaning, as blank white panels are slashed from behind to disgorge a pair of glasses, a pile of shoes, or an entire body, like a breech birth. . . . The confidence with which Krymov allows time and silence for each phenomenon is striking, like actor Mikhail Umanets walking a red pair of toddler’s shoes towards a larger shoe pile. Wordless and poignant in the extreme."-
Victoria Laurie, The Australian

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30th Anniversary of School of Dramatic Art
Theatre Begins with a Stick at Gogol House

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