Freeburg Andrew

Freeburg Andrew

Born in 1991 in Connecticut, USA. Was talked into an audition while in grade school (to play Tevye, incidentally), and afterwards studied acting with a private teacher. Applied to Yale University for neuropsychology in 2009. Accidentally forgot a sketchpad at a rehearsal, and was talked into trying set design. Afterwards, changed majors to study theater, and designed ten shows, directed two, filmed a series of public service announcements for Canadian television, designed stage installations for three TEDx talks, and sang with a jazz group. Occasionally went to class. 

What do you do here?
With the Laboratory, I work mainly with video and projections. In addition, I film and record rehearsals, shows, and tours for the Laboratory’s archives. My primary project, however, is to study the Laboratory's methodology and teaching strategies. And I fix everyone’s mistakes in English.
How did you get to the Lab?
In 2012, I studied in the American Studio of the Moscow Art Theater, and somehow I happened to see the Moscow premiere of the Laboratory’s “As You Like It.” I immediately decided that I wanted to come back to Moscow and work with the Laboratory. 
What else do you do?
For now, trying to learn Russian. We’ll see what happens next...



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