Freeman Kirichenko Arkady

Freeman Kirichenko Arkady
Arkady Kirichenko was born on April 16, 1956 in Novoshahtihsk, Rostov region. He studied at the Moscow Music Military School together with Arkady Shilkloper.
In 1978 he graduated from the Gnesins’ Russian Academy of in Moscow. He then studied at the Conservatory in Kazan and in the Institute of Culture.
In 1979 he began to concentrate seriously on jazz and jazz-rock and took part in the Ensemble of Improvisatory Music, headed by Alexander Aizenshtadt.
From 1983 to 1988 he performed in Moscow Dixieland as part of the “Dixie choir” headed by Lev Lebedev at festivals throughout the USSR as well as Dresden, German Democratic Republic.
From 1982 to 1984 he was an actor and musician in the theater “Mossovet”, where he took part in Bertold Breht’s musical “Man as Man”, directed by Mark Vail.
From 1984 Arkady Kirichenko  has been a permanent participant in the musical productions of composer Sergey Dreznin: “Ophelia”, “The Feast During the Plague” and others.
In 1985 Kirichenko, alongside Sergey Letov and Arkady Shilkloper, founded an Ensemble of intuitive music, Tri“O”. Together they toured much of Russia, America and Europe: “Knitting Factory”, Anyway in New York, “Bimhuis” in Amsterdam, “Blue Tomato” in Vienna, “Sud des Alpes” in Geneva, “Moods”, and “Rote Fabric” in Zurich.
Since 1987 Kirichenko, as a member of the Tri“O” ensemble, has taken part in the literary musical programs of actor Alexander Filippenko. From 1987 to 1991 he was a frequent visitor at Sergey Kuriohin’s show “Pop Mechanics”.
From 1988 to 1989 Arkady Kirichenko was the musical director of the Improvisational Theatre of the USSR Union of Theatrical Figures, headed by Oleg Kiselev.
From 1986 to 1991 he regularly played in Anatoly Vasiliev’s theatre, “School of Dramatic Art” and at numerous poetical evenings of the club “Poetry” with Dmitry Prigod, Gennady Kacov, Andrei Turkin, Yuly Gugolev, Tatiana Sherbina, Nina Iskrenko, Konstantin Kedrov, Elena Kacuba, Ludmila Hodynskaya, Alexander Eremenko, Ivan Jdanov, Aleksey Partshikov, Vladimir Druk and the others.
In 1990 Kirichenko took part in the first Festival of Jazz Vocalists in Novosibirsk.
From 1991 Arkady FreeMan has lived in New York. He explains the reason for his departure as a strong desire to come to the source of jazz culture, soak in the spirit of the jazz capital, hear and see his cult figures in the flesh. America gave him contact with talented compatriots Boris Raiskin, Ilya Finegersh, Jan Troyanovsky and band “Obermanakeni,” with whom he has played in different clubs and cafes in New York (Knitting Factory, Anyway, CBGB and the others) as well as with American musicians Thomas Chepin, Kera Silvernail, Richard Thomson, LaDonna Smith, Stive Swell and others. In 1996 Arkady FreeMan, along with Boris Raiskin and Yury Zmorovich, took part in the festival “Birmingham Improve” in Birmingham, Alabama. From 1997 to 2005 he was a constant participant of International Festival “SKIF” in memory of Sergey Kuriohin, in New York and Saint Petersburg, playing with Tri“O” as well as other bands. In 2001 Arkady took part in an acoustic project of Yury Shevchuk’s band “DDT”.
In 2000 his solo album “Tuba Mirum Unlimited, Inc.” was issued in New York. Since 2000, Arkady FreeMan is a presenter of jazz programs at New York Radio. He is well-known as an organizer of a club that unites jazz-lovers of different nationalities, showcasing both American and Russian jazzmen. Since 2005 Arkady FreeMan lives in Russia and takes part in many different projects. On December 2005 he participated in the international festival Jazz Globe-2005 in Jerusalem and played with Arkady Shilkloper, Alexander Aizenshtatt and trio with Vyacheslav Ganelin, Arkady Gottesman.
Since 2007, he has worked in the Laboratory of Dmitry Krymov.
"I met Krymov at the commemoration meeting of Efros, where I played. Later when he proposed a collaboration I responded to him with pleasure and great interest. I like Krymov’s style of working because I’m a jazzman and improvisation is my credo!”

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