Bezpridannitsa (Wizout a Dowry)

2017, Theatre "School of Dramatic Art"
To me, unsmiling lips bring terror, however scarlet; free from error of grammar, Russian language too."
A. S. Pushkin
based on N. Ostrovsky’s play, “Without a Dowry”
At the story's centre is a sort of 'Russian Carmen.' Except here, she is surrounded not by romantic toreadors and soldiers breaking rank, but with a strictly hierarchical and generally cruel band of "businessmen," with strange, invented names - for example, Mokiy Parmyonich and Kharita Ignatyevna. This allows us to see them as characters in a Russian commedia dell'arte, and to see Ostrovsky himself as the patriarch of a special genre in Russian drama. 
Dmitry Krymov
A co-production between the School of Dramatic Art and producer Leonid Roberman
The show took part in the 24th International Theater Festival "Kontakt" in Torun, Poland, where is received two awards: Best Director - Dmitry Krymov (granted by THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF TORUŃ, Michał Zaleski) and Best Female Actor - Maria Smolnikova for the role of  Larissa Dmitrievna.
Dmitry Krymov
Scenic designer:
Anna Kostrikova
Video designer:
Elizaveta Keshisheva
Video special effects:
Andrew Freeburg
Lighting designer:
Ivan Vinogradov
Makeup artist:
Tatyana Shmykova
Anatoly Voinov
Actors and roles:
Kharita Ignatyevna Ogudalova
Sergey Melkonyan
Larisa Dmitrievna
Maria Smolnikova
Mokiy Parmyonich Knurov
Konstantin Mukhanov
Vasily Danilych Vozhevatov
Vadim Dubrovin
Yuri Kapitonovich Karandyshev
Maxim Maminov
Sergey Sergeich Paratov
Georgy Tokaev
Alina Khodzhevanova
Kristina Pivneva
Larisa’s Oldest Sister
Elizaveta Yurieva
Her Husband
Rustam Eivazov
Larisa’s Second-Oldest Sister
Kirill Fedorov
Her Husband
Sergey Nazarov
Arkady Kirichenko
Assistant director:
Konstantin Mukhanov
Stage manager:
Margarita Bondarenko
Technical advisors: K. Fedorov, K. Mukhanov
Lighting: A. Mikhalevsky, A. Morozov
Sound: S. Alexandrov
Video: A. Shaposhnikov, F. Ivanov
Props: M. Masalskaya, N. Urvacheva, E. Gorbacheva
Costumes: I. Bakulina, Y. Kutsenko, O. Terleeva
Illusion effects: Tsitelashvili Brothers Workshop
Pyrotechnics: P. Gorbunov
Stagehands: I. Barakin, V. Guryanov, N. Markov, S. Nazarov, T. Chikovani
Technical director: A. Nazarov
Special thanks to the professor of GITIS Natalia Nazarova and the actor Andrey Mihaljov.
Premiere: 14 September 2017
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes with one intermission

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