Demon. View from Above.

2006, School of Dramatic Art

A collective composition by the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory, based on the poem by M.Y. Lermontov. Opus No. 3.

My Tamara and I walk side by side.
From Russian lyric.
Initially, everything started with an idea for a performance space – the Globus at the School of Dramatic Art. Yes - in that old theatrical Mikhoels came to the sanatorium to visit Stanislavsky. They go for a walk, and Stanislavsky asks, “Tell me, do you know how a bird starts to fly?” Mikhoels pauses to think: “It spreads its wings, starts to run…” – “No,” answers Stanislavsky, “from the dream of flight.” Thus was our show born from the dream of flight. Lermontov’s poem is an excuse to look at our life from above. Having flown over years, centuries, works of art, passions, fates, mistakes. To see through a dark eye – critical and skeptical. With the look of a creature that never loved a soul, but all of a sudden, fell in love ...and from that vantage point, looks on humanity. Who are they, these "people"? How are they born, how do they die, how do they fall in love? The view from above is a funny one: people seem so small:, as they rush around like ants, toiling away, completing tiny little tasks. From there, up above, their actions seem so pitiful and sad. But in this resignation to insignificance, there is a great dignity, and even a kind of wisdom.
Dmitry Krymov
In the show, we hear the music of J.S. Bach, P.I. Tchaikovsky, the sounds of the wind, rain, splashing of water, horns of ships, explosions of shells, barking of dogs, crowing of crows, Morse code, the creaking of steps in the snow, and the voice of Lev Tolstoy.
The show participated in the 2006 TERRITORIЯ and Theatrical Spiderweb festivals. Dmitry Krymov was awarded the Crystal Turandot with a nomination for Best Direction of the Year. In 2007 the show won the Moscow Komsomolets Theatre Award, in the Experement category. In 2008, the show won a Golden Mask, in the Experiment category.
With designers:  
Aleksandra Dashevskaya, Alexandra Dychne, Elizaveta Dzutseva, Etel Yoshpa, Aleksandra Osipova, Vlada Pomirkovanaya, Grigory Rakhmelovich.
As well as actors:
Kristina Pivneva / Inna Sukhoretskaya, Maksim Maminov, Sergey Melkonyan, Natalya Gorchakova, Mikhail Umanets / Evgeniy Startsev
Directed by:
Dmitry Krymov
Dmitry Volkov, Anton Rubinshtein
Movement director:
Vladimir Belyaikin
Aria of the Demon and Tamara:
Maksim Maminov and Inna Sukhoretskaya / Gulnara Zakirova / Olga Ermakova
Saxophone and other instruments:
Dmitry Sarasek
Lighting designer:
Aleksandr Korotkov
As well as behind the scenes: 
Choral director: Armen Pogosyan
Movement director: Vladimir Belyaikin
Props: Natalya Urvacheva, Maria Masalskaya, Ekaterina Gorbacheva, Irina Annenkova, Tatyana Andreeva, Svetlana Chelidze
Costumes prepared under the direction of Vadim Petrovich Andreev
Lighting: Aleksey Mikhailevsky, Olga Ravvich, Anton Morozov
Sound: Aleksey Rusinov
Costumers: Viktoriya Solovyeva, Olga Shklyarova
Stagehands: Valery Guryanov, Sergey Nazarov
Video: Aleksandr Shaposhnikov
Stage manager: Evgeny Khudyakov
Special thanks to Fedor Kudryashov and Albena Dyulgerova for their help in creating the animations
The show was created with the support of the TERRITORIЯ Festival.
Premiere: 16 October, 2006.
Runtime: 1h 25m.


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