2012, School of Dramatic Art
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Lessons in Russian literature
About our new show:
I want to stage something in which, for a long time, nothing can be understood, but everything looks very interesting. Incomprehensible. But interesting. And then, without losing interest, everything becomes clear. Not all of a sudden, but nevertheless rather quickly. And not so that it’s “understandable,” but more like you get the feeling that you understand which way everything is leaning. And when everything begins to lean in that direction, and you understand where all that movement is coming from, then the thought that you spent your time in vain would never come up.
And also – at the end, I really want to do that scene from Vsevolod Vishnevsky's "Optimistic Tragedy," where the old woman thinks that her wallet's been stolen, but finds it afterwards.
And I want an interval, and a curtain. And sandwiches with sausage at the interval. And tulle, with little trees glued on. And a big dinner table with teacups. Peace and quiet. And also gunshots, from all different kinds of guns, and blood.
Dmitry Krymov
Alexander Anurov, Evgeniy Starcev, Vadim Dubrovin, Arkadiy Kirichenko, Sergey Melkonyan, Maria Smolnikova, Mihail Umanets,
Composition and direction –
Dmitry Krymov
Stage Design  –
Mariya Tregubova
Composer –  
Kuzma Bodrov
Make up –  
Tatiana Shmykova
Dolls –  
Victor Platonov
Video –  
Alexander Shaposhnikov
Musical Director and arranger –  
Armen Pogosyan
Music used in the perfomance:
Ludwig van Beethoven.
Pieces of plays used  in the performance :
«Kremlin clock » by N. Pogodin, «Looking for a happiness» by V. Rozov, «Optimistic tragedy» by V. Vishnevskiy.
The choir of the theatre participates In the performance under the direction of
Svetlana Anistratova

Premiere – 31 January, 2012. 

Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

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