Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media

2011, Staniskavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre
Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media
Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media
The performance is no longer available

“I always wanted to inspect the metamorphoses of simple things and events and see how something strange and unusual may grow from absolutely common thing. There are four such objects under observation in the performance.

The first one is very ordinary flat of a single woman. The second – is a river with swimming children. The third object is the beginning of loving affairs between man and woman, presented in the form of a jazz duet. And finally the forth one is vivacious and optimistic soviet movie “Circus”.
We did not want to reveal or expose anything. First we wanted to make sure that the reality was richer and more interesting than usual paradigmatic representation of it. The reality is more dramatic, greater and wider.
We tried to expand the field of our view, in order to be beyond the obvious and look at what is nearby” 
Dmitry Krymov 
Opera in four parts:
1. A Shower 
2. Future Pilots 
3. Fish 
4. Lullaby
Director —
Dmitry Krymov 
Set Design —
Vera Martynova 
Composer —
Kuzma Bodrov 
Musical Director and Conductor—
Alevtina Ioffe
Premiere: October, 10th 2011


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