The Cow

2007, School of Dramatic Art

The performance is no longer available. 

Child’s story. The story about love. About first love. Recollections of the first love. And of the first death. And of the fault that hasn’t been leaving us in peace for many years.
There is something of Ivan Bunin in this story. The boy and sadness, and dreams, and the first conflict with the reality. But instead of “antonovskiye apples” we see some other landscape of the childhood — the part of railway; and instead of cozy manor — a little poor house of the railway inspector and a barn where the cow (and that was the very cow whom the boy loved) spent long days and nights of her life.
Instead of buzzing insects of Bunin’s gardens in Platonov’s landscapes there are steam locomotives which pass by this little railway crossing without a stop wrapping up the boy standing by the road with their smoke and also the boy’s mother and farther and that’s why seeming so mysterious and people inside them — so charmingly wonderful.
World is unperceivable, it’s big and mysterious, dark and disturbed. There is anxious readiness in a man (or a boy) to get to know it, to take part in it, but the world doesn’t wait for anybody and for the boy either, it’s scary and fearful, and unexplainable. You have to name it somehow for to live in it but once you pronounce the name for it you realize all the naivety and incorrectness of the word said. As you can’t realize and explain with your mind the universe, or night, or God, or fate, or fortune so you can’t understand the sense of human (or cow’s) life. Cow here — is the guide to the mysterious, adult and big world. Confusion against the secret of life — this is the “child’s” story“.
Dmitry Krymov
The stage is a slope near the railway that leads from the state fame to the station.
Vasya’s Cow – Irina Denisova 
Vasya’s Father – Maksim Maminov 
Vasya’s Mother – Natalya Gorchakova 
Vasya, 4th year pupil – Anna Sinyakina 
Grown-up Vasya – Sergey Melkonyan  
Direction – Dmitry Krymov 
Set Designers – Maria Tregubova, Vera Martynova, Etel Ioshpa 
The movie was made by Fedor Kudryashov, Alexander Shaposhnikov shows it. 
Shadow theatre – as usually Arseny Epelbaum 
Musicians – Alexander Kabantsov, Dmitry Sarasek, Igor Gurevich, Arkady Kirichenko
under the direction of Armen Pogosyan 
Movement Director – Vladimir Belyaikin  
Lighting Designer – Olga Ravvich 

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