The Square Root of Three Sisters

2016, Iseman Theater


A company of theatre artists from the Dmitry Krymov Lab and Yale School of Drama join forces for the world premiere of The Square Root of Three Sisters, a dazzling remix of Chekhovian themes. In his first English language production, internationally acclaimed director Dmitry Krymov conjures a world in which love can sweep dishes off a table, memory can make a train roar past, and a single command can change a worldforever. The Square Root of Three Sisters is a deeply funny and achingly bittersweet meditation on home and human endurance.

Conceived, written, and directed by Dmitry Krymov, based on plays by Anton Chekov

Created and performed by Dmitry Krymov Lab & Yale School of Drama

Creative Team:

Choreographer: Emily Coates;

Performance Coach: Maria Smolnikova;

Production Designer: Valentina Ostankovich;

Sound Designer: Pornchanok (Nok) Kanchanabanca;

Lighting Designer: Elizabeth Mak;

Projection Designer: Yana Birÿukova;

Production Stage Manager: Emely Selina Zepeda


Melanie Field; Annie Hägg; Kevin Hourigan; Annelise Lawson; Julian Elijah Martinez; Aubie Merrylees; Niall Powderly; Bradley James Tejeda; Shaunette Renée Wilson

Video Performers: Lucy Gardner; Mary Winter Szarabajka; Remsen Welsh

Artistic Staff:

Assistant Director: Luke Harlan;

Associate Production Designer: An-Lin Dauber;

Associate Production Designer: Claire DeLiso;

Puppet Designer: Matt Acheson;

Fight Director and Dance Captain: Julian Elijah Martinez;

Videographer: Lisa Keshisheva;

Senior Interpreter to Dmitry Krymov and the Production: Tatyana Khaikin

World Premiere at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas (New Haven, Connecticut): June, 21st, 2016.

Duration: 2 hours.

Photo, Video, Audio

Camareman's notes/ Заметки оператора. 2015
NTV America The Square Root of Three Sisters 06-22-2016
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