2004, School of Dramatic Art

The performance is no longer available

Russian folktales, as collected by the historian and folklorist A.N. Afanasyev (1826-1871)

"Not-Yet-Fairy-Tales/Nedoskazki is this nonsensical show about the way people lived in Old Russia, when all the events of Russian fairy tales occurred: Kolobok, the Golden Fish, the Giant Turnip, Ivan Tsarevich… Of course, life in our country changed since then: we’ve gotten fatter, people became nicer and more generous, and started to love each other more, and most importantly, they calmed down and stopped worrying about all sorts of nonsense.

But back then, there was total chaos: people killed each other and themselves, went hungry, got upset, and even ate each other – which made even more upset. And the Fire-Breathing Dragon took care of everyone that was left over. Now, thank God, everyone has enough, more or less. But we wanted to make our show about this very same long-ago, barbaric time. We made it from whatever we had to hand: we could draw a little, but were absolutely incapable of speaking. We could only get one word out together: when Zhuchka’s owner tells her to “Sit!” after she barks too much. Everything else – as they say – goes without saying."

Dmitry Krymov

In 2006, the show was nominated for the Golden Mask national theatre prize, in the Experiment category.

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