Honore de Balzac. Notes on Berdichev

2013, School of Dramatic Art
after "Three Sisters" by Chekhov
"Dear Anton Pavlovich! Come stay with us in Berdichev. The weather is delightful, and the people have a  solid sort of charm."
From Rebbe Shneerson's letter to A. Chekhov
This show is an invitation into the home of the Prozorovs. Mourning for their father has ended, and with youngest sister's name day, everyone can get together, eat watermelon, drink tea, look at old photographs, and remember... All of our folks will be there - all old acquaintances, just turned inside out - in their old house where everyone is happy, even while the fire rages in the city. 
The show is based on Chekhov's play - a sort of mosaic, made up of the subtexts and connections between "Three Sisters" and the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory's "visual theatre of artists". 
"The devil has guessed that I will be married here in Berdichev to my own brains and talent."
From Honoré de Balzac's letter to Prosper Mérrimée
"How would I explain to you what we wanted to do? Well, suppose you take your old, favorite glove and gut-wrench it inside out, then you look at it, and get mixed feelings: on the one hand you see some new, unfamiliar thing, a little strange and incomprehensible, and on the other hand, if you look close, you are happy to recognize your glove, and even find a penny that got stuck behind the linen. So this is why you had been thinking all winter, "What have I got there that makes the glove too tight?"
Well, now, if the "glove" is Anton Chekhov's play "Three Sisters", and, turned inside out, it becomes our performance "Honore de Balzac. Notes about Berdichev", then you understand what I wanted to say.”
Dmitry Krymov
Performed by:
Maria Smolnikova, Christina Pivneva, Veronika Timofeeva / Alina Khodzhevanova, Vadim Dubrovin, Mikhail Umanets, Maxim Maminov, Konstantin Mukhanov, Evgeny Startsev, Natalia Gorchakova, Arkady Kirichenko, Vadim Andreev / Irene Muskara, Kirill Fedorov, Olga Borovskaya.
Idea, composition and direction –
Dmitry Krymov
Stage design  –
Vera Martynova
Lighting design –
Ivan Vinogradov
Make up -
Tatyana Shmykova
Noise, squeaks, scraps of melodies and scratching –
Kuzma Bodrov
Anatoly Voynov
Vocal coach
Armen Pogosyan
Special effects
Alexander Eliseenkov
Family photos and videos
Valentina Ostankovich and Ilya Shagalov
Migrating birds
Alexander Berezin
Solyony's third arm
Victor Platonov
A. Shaposhnikov and F. Ivanov
M. Masalskaya, E. Gorbachova, N. Urvacheva, T. Andreeva
O. Ravvich and A. Morozov
S. Alexandrov
Y. Sharaeva
I. Bakulina, O. Terleeva
S. Nazarov and V. Gurianov
Stage Manager
Margarita Bondarenko
Technical Director
Alexander Nazarov
Created with the support from BP

Premiere - October, 9th 2013

Duration - 1h. 30 mins.


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