Last Date in Venice

2016, School of Dramatic Art


07 december, 19:00 thu
School of Dramatic Art Russia, Moscow, 19 Sretenka St.
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Based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel, “Across the River and Into the Trees”

‘[…] But how would you like to be a girl nineteen years old in love with a man over fifty years old that you knew was going to die?'

'You put it a little bluntly. […]’

- a conversation from the novel

Dmitry Krymov has, for the first time, invited the great designer Aleksandr Borovsky and actor Aleksandr Filippenko to work on one of his own shows.

“Our show, “Last Date in Venice,” is about love – not about war, though the main character is a war hero and war is still a part of his life. Of course, everything is connected: love and war, love and the end of life. On this last date, the main character knows that he is dying, and perhaps his date does, too. He goes on this last date as though on one last offensive. One last life-affirming action.

For me, it’s important that this story takes place in Venice. It’s a very ancient city: the smell of rotting wood, homes which open onto the water, the Venetian carnevale – which is, really, a carnival of death – and the black gondolas, which glide along the canals like coffins. It’s a beautiful, dreary city, which lives a very particular life.”

"We’re staging Hemingway’s incredible “Across the River and Into the Trees,” a novel about a former American general, demoted to the rank of colonel. He’s 50 years old, and in love with a 19-year-old Venetian girl. He’s also dying, and before his death, he decides to come to her. It’s a long “last date” in Venice. I invited the incredible actor Sasha Filippenko to work with us, and the girl is played by three girls at once – Masha Smolnikova, Kristina Pivneva, and Alina Khodzhevanova.

Hemingway has excellent dialogue. There’s always an iceberg lurking underneath it. The prose, which he sharpened to perfection, is unbelievably theatrical! Health, heartache, Venice, and a beautiful girl – who is at once a daughter, and a lover, and a goddess. And their mutual love, nearly ideal, brings them 99 percent together. But that one percent is enough for the ideal to be ruined."

Dmitry Krymov

Performed by:

A. Filippenko
M. Smolnikova
K. Pivneva
A. Khodzhevanova
M. Maminov
O. Nadezhdina
A. Borovskiy
Assistant to designer:
A. Kostrikova
A. Voynov
Lighting designer:
T. Mikhalevskiy
S. Alexandrov
O. Ravvich, A. Morozov
Y. Sharaeva
Idea, composition, direction:
D. Krymov
Premiere: March, 17 2016 


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