Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)

2017, Theatre "School of Dramatic Art"
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)
Romeo and Juliet (kindersurprise)

After "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare

"A girl comes out on stage.

She still doesn't know that she's Juliet. She's only thirteen. But that's already enough. It's enough for some mother somewhere to send her boy off somewhere, so that he "accidentally" bumped into this girl on the way. He would apologize at first, then take a look... And a story with a famous tragic ending would play out.*

The unavoidability of drama and its appearance from nowhere; from simplicity; from nothing, a jumble of words, a communal apartment where everyone is more or less good people. some point, a year and a half or so ago, while watching a student étude on "Romeo & Juliet," I thought: "Everyone's just getting in their way." It's not just the families' hatred that gets in the way, but their friends, too – like Mercutio. All that the agreeable Mercutio cares about is his "Queen Man," and his ironic blabbering. And the mother, and the father, and the brother, and the Duke, and the "good Nurse," who changes her goodness depending on where the wind is blowing. Even Laurence, the "helper": he helped so much that there's no more need to help – and nobody to help! The poor kids...the poor, happy kids. Meanwhile, the communal apartment lives on. The eternal communal apartment."

Dmitry Krymov 

* "As always, we rewrote the play. Which is to say: we wrote a new one, which we called: 'Romeo & Juliet: Kinder Surprise.'"

Moscow Komsomolets Theate Award, season 2017 - 2018, nomination "Student show"

The show features student actors from the Kamenkovich-Krymov Workshop at GITIS:

Romeo: Nikita Naydenov

Juliet: Anna Patokina

Lady Capulet: Victoria Miroshnichenko

Capulet: Aleksandr Morovov

Lady Montague: Sofya Kuskova

Mercutio: Vladimir Komarov

Tybalt: Nikolai Yaskevich

Nurse: Aleksandra Keselman

Laurencee: Rifat Alyautdinov

Paris: Anzhey Novoselov

Servant: Aleksey Gubkin

Duke: Georgiy Tokaev


Nurse's Husband: Arkady Kirichenko


Idea, composition, staging: Dmitry Krymov

Designers: Anna Grebennikova, Evgeniya Rzheznikova (also from the same course)

Composer: Kuzma Bodrov

Lighting designer: Andrey Abramov

Choreographer: Anatoly Voinov

Cello: Vasily Stepanov


Lighting: Anton Morozov, Aleksey Mikhalevsky, Ekaterina Sinyakina

Sound: Sergey Aleksandrov

Props: Maria Masalskaya, Natalya Urvacheva, Maya Uvarova

Costumes: Irina Bakulina, Olga Terleeva

Technicians: Ivan Barakin, Valery Guryanov, Anton Kantomirov, Nikolay Markov, Sergey Nazarov, Timur Chikovani

Technical director: Aleksandr Nazarov

Line producer: Kirill Fedorov

Stage manager: Margarita Bondarenko

Costumes produced by "Wondrous Light" (Divny svet), LLC


A joint project of the School of Dramatic Art and GITIS

Premiere: 27-29 December, 2017

Runtime: 1h40m

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