Russian Blues. In search of Mushrooms

2015, School of Dramatic Art
“Woman went to the woods for mushrooms, and was met by a big-toothed bear.”
Russian folk saying
“The whites!”
Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev (from the film “Chapaev”)
The show takes the form of a theatrical metamorphosis, a fantasia over 10 scenes that connected by one topic: we went out for mushrooms…and came back with mushrooms.
“To the Russian mind, mushroom hunting is associated with something good that unites family, friends, and even enemies. It’s both passion and tranquility all at once: something akin to a common prayer or dose of valerian of the highest order. Mushroom hunting has almost mystical, extraordinary meaning, of the same ilk as the search for the “Blue Bird.” Those who’ve read Maeterlinck’s “Blue Bird” or seen the show at MXAT remember how that ends.”
Dmitry Krymov
On the hunt:
Natalya Gorchakova / Alina Khodzhevanova, Vadim Dubrovin, Arkadiy Kirichenko, Maksim Maminov, Sergey Melkonyan, Kirill Fedorov, Kristina Pivneva, Maria Smolnikova, Ivan Orlov, Mikhail Umanets
Scenic designer:
Maria Tregubova
Assistant designer: 
Anna Kostrikova
Lighting designer:
Ivan Vinogradov
Anatoly Voynov
Rehearsal choreographer/dance captain:
Oksana Stratulat
Puppet master:
Viktor Platonov
Video master:
Aleksandr Shaposhnikov
Sound masters:
Andrey Zachesov, Sergey Aleksandrov
And also divers:
Dmitry Repin, Rustam Eyvazov
Anna Sinyakina / Olga Ermakova
Konstantin Mishin
Choreographer-fish trainer:
Anastasia Smirnitskaya
The actors go hunting to the music of composers:
Josef Haydn, Miles Davis, Arkady Kirichenko, Jean Tatlin, Armik, and Dmitry Shostakovich 
As well as under the siren song, noises, rustling leaves, footsteps of bunnies on wet grass and air bubbles from the deep sea of composer:
Kuzma Bodrov
Costumers, electricians, prop artisans, and technicians:
Aleksey Mikhailevskiy, Maria Masalskaya, Valeriy Guryanov, Irina Bakulina, Olga Terleeva, Anton Morozov, Olga Ravvich, Natalya Urvacheva,
Svetlana Chelidze, Ivan Barakin, Ivan Eryshev, Sergey Nazarov, Andrey Chekin, Nikolay Markov
go hunting under the direction of technical director
Aleksandr Nazarov.
Well, and of course the instigator of the hunt
Dmitry Krymov
As well as the assistant to the instigator of the hunt
Margarita Bondarenko
Premiere 8, 9, and 10 October, 2015.
Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

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GDS on Russian Blues from Tbilisi (Georgian Language)
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Russian Blues in Tbilisi. Music Box



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