Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.

2005, School of Dramatic Art
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.
Sir Vantes. Donkey Hot.

Opus #2. Poem. Collective composition based on themes from Cervantes’ novel, “Don Quixote”.

It’s scary for a person to be alone. Solitude is the lot of heroes and madmen. People are at peace together. They believe themselves to be stronger, and this imparts a certainty in oneself – therefore, as Okudzhava wrote, they love to gather in packs. Packs or associations are various – ideological, religious, professional, male and female. And people from one association often don’t like those from others. This leads them an even greater certainty in themselves: the sense that their own herd is always stronger next to another. And thus the association of, let’s say, basketball players has no love for little people for example, and the community of little people doesn’t much like basketball players. The brotherhood of merchants doesn’t like, let’s say, auditors at all, and among auditors there is an obvious contempt for merchants. Drivers don’t like cops – cops don’t like drivers. And so on and so forth, that kind of a farce. And not a single crowd on earth likes itinerant knights – those solitary defenders of truth. Loners are eyesores, they annoy and call up little-understood feelings of shortcomings and, naturally, protest. One could say that nobody loves itinerant knights, except for their wives, and this in its own way enables the unification of people – basketball players, merchants, cops, and auditors in one big friendly crowd. And this crowd doesn’t like those who differentiate themselves from it. Doesn’t like – and gets revenge. For all time, and in all countries of the world. Even in Spain.

Don Quixote is an unusually alluring character. He is a person distinguished from all others. One of the first literary heroes touched by the dislike of the crowd. In our farcical show, we present a farcical version of this ancient conflict. The hero is distinguished by his height. The little people don’t like big one. And, faced with his appearance, a respectable community instantly turns into a howling, guffawing crowd. Their goal is to force him to his knees. Our show could have been called: “The adventure of an OUTSTANDING man.” Outstanding from all others.

Dmitry Krymov.

In the show, the following texts are also performed:

1.     A fragment of the last will and testament of Don Quixote, from Cervantes’ book “The Sharp-Minded Horseman Don Quixote of La Mancha”

2.     N.V. Gogol, “The Notes of a Madman”

3.     Act of medical testimony, summarily confining Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev-Kharms by the doctors of the legally-psychiatric medical prison hospital (Leningrad, Arsenalnaya street no. 9)


In 2006, the show “Ser Vantes. Donkiy Hot” was commemorated for the “Grand Prix” of the 7th “Rainbow” (Raduga) International Festival in Saint Petersburg, with a nomination for “best show,” in additional to receiving special critic’s prize.

In 2006 the director of “Ser Vantes. Donkiy Hot,” Dmitry Krymov, was awarded the International Stanislavsky Award, in the category of “Innovation.”

In 2007, the show was nominated the Golden Mask Award, in the “Experimental” category.

Donkiy Hot, singing dwarves, drawing dwarves, and regular dwarves:
Anya Sinyakina, Maksim Maminov/Kirill Fedorov, Sergey Melkonyan, Mikhail Umanets/Vadim Dubrovin, Aleksandra Osipova, Etel Ioshpa, Elizaveta Dzutseva, Aleksandra Dashevskaya, Vlada Pomirkovanaya, Grigory Rakhmelovich, Valentina Reznikova
Dmitry Krymov
Movement coach
Andrey Shchukin
Shadow theatre
Arseniy Epelbaum
Olga Ravvich and Aleksey Mikhailevskiy
Sergey Aleksandrov, Aleksey Rusinov
Maria Masalskaya, Tatyana Andreeva, Tatyana Gorbacheva, Svetlana Chelidze, Larisa Gapanovich
Olga Shklyarova, Raisa Zubova, Irina Bakulina, Olga Terleeva
Stage manager
Evgeniy Khudyakov
Funded by a grant from “Open Stage”
Premiere: 7 October, 2005
Duration: 1 hr 15 min.

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