Katerina's Dreams

2010, Open Stage
Katerina's Dreams
The performance is no longer available
An endeavor in reconstruction
Without effort one cannot even pull from a pond.
Proverb. Vyatskaya region., Village Kozli
In this endeavor are participating the artists-students of course 4 RATI (GITIS) (Course of Dmitry Krymov and Eugene Kamenkovich):
Alina Brovina, Philipp Vinogradov, Polina Grishina, Alexandera Dashevskaya, Alexandera Lovyannikova, Maria Mostovaya, Olga Nikitina
Valentina Ostankovich, Vera Sokolova, Anastasia Stegaylova, Alexander Ugodnov 
and actor of Theatre "School of Dramatic Art”
Michael Umanets
and also
Yury Viktorovich Gorski
Directing, if one may call it that
Dmitry Krymov
Vladimir Belyaykin
A skeptical point of view and wise counsel
Maria Tregubova
Hope dies last
                                          Russian proverb
If she died then she died
                                             Jewish Proverb
The show was performed at the "Open Stage" project.
Premiere: 10.01.2011



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