In Their Own Words. A. Pushkin "Eugene Onegin"

2015, School of Dramatic Art
Show for Children
A. Pushkin, “Eugene Onegin”

The Dmitry Krymov Laboratory is planning to start a series of 4 shows for children, called “In Their Own Words.” Works of “grown-up literature” will be retold by four characters from various countries – a Czech, a Finn, a Frenchwoman, and a Russian. The theme of the first show is Pushkin’s poem, “Eugene Onegin.”

The show’s creators use the “key" of children’s theatre to open the door to a secret adult world, and tell us about it not through an “encyclopedia of Russian life,” but through an interest in the poet’s own personality – “such a happy person, though in fact very serious and sad, and who was later murdered.”
The series is to be continued with shows about similar works of literature, like Chekhov’s “Sakhalin Island,” Gogol’s “Dead Souls,” and Marx’s “Das Kapital.”
The show won The Moscow Komsomolets Theatre Award in 2016, in the category "Best Show for Children and Teenagers"
The show won the award of the Union of Theatre Makers of Russia "The Hit of the Season" in 2017.
The show was presented in Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia).
Retold by:
Natalya Gorchakova / Kristina Pivneva, Maksim Maminov, Sergey Melkonyan, Anna Sinyakina
Designer –
Filipp Vinogradov
Composers –
P. Tchaikovsky, Y. Okegem, J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, K. Bodrov, G. Gershwin
Makeup artist –
Yana Sharaeva
Lighting designer –
Olga Ravvich
Vocal coach –
Elena Amirbekyan
Sound –
Sergey Aleksandrov
Pyrotechnics –
Pavel Gorbunov
Jewelery –
Kirill Fedorov
Idea, composition, and direction –
Dmitry Krymov
The show features technicians and fellow employees of the theatre
Special thanks for help in the creation of the show to
Andrew Freeburg
Costumes –
Irina Bakulina, Olga Terleeva
Props –
Natalya Urvacheva, Ekaterina Gorbacheva
Lights –
Anton Morozov
Scenery built in the theatre’s shops, under the direction of technical director
Aleksandr Nazarov
Premiere: 24 November, 2015 
Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.

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