The Auction

2006, School of Dramatic Art
The Auction
The Auction
The Auction
The Auction

The show is no longer available.

The play by Dmitry Krymov based on the works of A. Chekhov.

I don’t know why all people think that I am genius. I think I’m not. Yesterday I said them: “Listen! What genius am I?” But they said: “You are such a genius”. And I said: “But what genius am I?” But they don’t say what kind of genius I am. Only they said that I’m genius and that’s all. Just they’ll caught me and carry on hand.

                                                                                                                               Daniel Harms, 1936

“I decided to mix four Tchekhov’s plays in the performance, put them onto each other, as if they are four transparent X-ray photos with different variants of one disease. I gave the texts to the five different people — five actors, who in some way are collective typical Tchekhov’s heroes: two men and three women. One of them — Gaev, Vershinin, Uncle Vanya, Petya Trofimov, the other — Astrov, Trigorin, Lopakhin; one woman is Ranevskaya, Arkadina, Elena Andreevna, the other — Anya, Nina, Sonya and Irina. The fifth personage is a sad, skeptic clown. Dreary, homeless, begrudged by life: Sharlotta, Firs, Chebutykin. And these five people play in sand as children. They are building a house, a little model of their theatre, their ‘childroom’, where they spent several last happy years, their own Cherry Orchard…”

Dmitry Krymov


The characters speak the texts from “Chekhov’s plays only:
“The Cherry Orchard”,
“Uncle Vanya”,
"The Seagul”
“The Three Sisters”
3124 m2 of the theatre “School of dramatic art” at Povarskaya, 20 play the part of the Cherry Orchard.
Anna Sinyakina, Natalia Gorchakova, Oksana Mysina, Maxim Maminov, Serguey Melkonyan, Philipp Ivanov / Kirill Fedorov.
Dmitry Krymov
But then I understood what happens. Everyone confuses me with a seller of means against bugs who walks at Nevsky prospect.
                                                                                                         Daniel Harms, 1935
Set Designers
Vera Martynova, Maria Tregubova
Yasha: I have had enough of you, gramps! (he yawns) If only you dead soon.
                                                                 A.Chekhov. “The Cherry Orchard”
Dmitry Volkov
Movement Director
Andrey Shchukin
Dances –
Vladimir Belyaikin
Voice Coach –
Armen Pogosyan
Lighting Designers –
Alexander Mihalevsky, Olga Ravvich
Stage Manager –
Eugeni Khudiakov
Premiere: May, 16th 2006
Duraton: 1h 35mins

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«Спрашивайте! Отвечаем». Лекция Дмитрия Крымова в рамках PER FORMA



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