In Paris

2011, Korjaamo Theater
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
In Paris
This production is no longer available
Adapted from the short story by
Ivan Bunin
Mikhail Baryshnikov, Polina Butko, Maria Gulik, Lasse Lindberg, Ossi Makkonen, Maxim Maminov, Anna Sinyakina
Composition and direction by
Dmitry Krymov
A production of Baryshnikov Arts Center, Dmitry Krymov Laboratory, and Russian Century Foundation in association with Korjaamo Theater, Helsinki
Creative team
Dmitry Krymov · Director
Maria Tregubova · Scenic & Costume Design
Dmitry Volkov · Composer
Damir Ismagilov · Lighting Design
Tei Blow · Audio & Video Design
Andrey Shchukin · Movement Coach
Alexei Ratmansky · Choreographer
Will Knapp · Production Manager
Tei Blow · Video & Sound Supervisor
Kathryn Luckstone · Company Manager
Valentina Migoulia · Lighting Supervisor
Anthony Cerrato · Technical Director
Mariya Masalskaya · Wardrobe & Properties Supervisor
John-Elliot Kirk · Vocal Coach
“Haunting and buoyant…Set in a 1930s ex-pat Paris embodied in cleverly manipulated giant sepia-tinted postcard images, Krymov’s Paris—adapted from a short story by Ivan Bunin—is a moody, wryly comic blend of engaging visuals, enchanting found-object music and a romance…Sinyakina is a delight [and] Baryshnikov holds the stage with seemingly effortless charisma, from before the show begins until its end. His concentrated, slow movements can be riveting. His short dance moments—a quick burst of frustrated flamenco; a graceful toreador routine (choreography by Alexei Ratmansky)—add welcome dramatic punctuation.”—San Francisco Chronicle
“Spectacular but also intimate…An ephemeral dream of last romance, which floats from lovely to surreal [and] keenly captures the ache of solitude and the fleeting bliss of romance…Mikhail Baryshnikov scarcely dances at all until the haunting finale of In Paris. But the ballet legend shows such a genius for movement that his body language is an art unto itself in this fearlessly inventive theatrical adventure. The dancer has such a striking physical presence, even at 64, that he elevates the smallest movements into epic moments of truth. He is mezmerizing.”—San Jose Mercury News / Bay Area News Group
Premiere: August, 17th 2011 at Korjaamo Theater.

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